How Police, Security Foiled Besigye’s Mega Return @ Entebbe Airport.

How Police, Security Foiled Besigye’s Mega Return @ Entebbe Airport.

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Kizza Besigye’s anticipated mega return back home on Monday didn’t yield any tangible results after Police and other security organs smartly foiled his mega arrival at Entebbe International Airport. According to sources Besigye who arrived aboard a Kenya Airways flight Monday morning was welcomed by security personnel who were clad in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Uniforms who impatiently waited for him to disembark from the Aircraft. Upon disembarking from the Plane he was picked up by security personnel who bundled him into a waiting Civil Aviation Authority Van and whisked away to the Old Airport where he was thrown into a waiting police Vehicle and driven at break neck speed to his Kasangati residence via the Entebbe – Kampala Express highway through Nakawuka –Nateete-Busega route.

A visibly perturbed Besigye who addressed a press conference at his Kasangati residence described the security personnel who were clad in CAA uniforms as goons. The four time FDC Party presidential candidate wasn’t given time to even sip some water and hug his FDC colleagues including Ingrid Turinawe, Elias Lukwago, Allan Sewanyana and several others. Besigye was whisked away like madness minus even clearing with the Immigration department.

If there were investors on that Kenya Airways plane and watched how I was handled, they must have got second thoughts on investing in Uganda. The people who are killing investment in Uganda are Museveni and his group. Anybody trying to invest in Uganda must be sure of political stability. So the enemy of Uganda’s progress is the Museveni regime and their criminal behavior”, Besigye stated.

He added

Up to now I don’t have my luggage, my passport is not stamped and therefore I’m in the country illegally. Some police men attempted to claim my luggage from Kenya Airways. This must be condemned that we have a regime that behaves criminally by arresting me from a plane in full view of all the travelling passengers who could have thought I am a terrorist.

Meanwhile the 15 Makerere University students who were arrested at Entebbe Police were later released with no charge. They were arrested and put behind bar after police was tipped that they were plotting to cause chaos. Their Ambulance van that contained stones was also impounded. Several Besigye supporters and journalists who had camped along Entebbe Road walked away cursing like hell after they discovered that Besigye had been whisked away to Kasangati.  For the last one month Besigye has been away on an overseas trip to the United Kingdom and USA.

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