What NTV Teaches Us About Leadership and Management.

What NTV Teaches Us About Leadership and Management.

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Often times when one resigns or parts company with an organization, he or she will not have anything to do with the former employer and likewise the former employer will not have anything to do with their former employee.

This week the news about former NTV News Anchor Rose Mary Nakabirwa’s cancer illness broke on social media and a fundraising drive was launched to mobilize funds and other resources to save her life. The fundraising drive is being coordinated by her former work mates and employer. By offering to fundraise for their former employee NTV managing director Aggie Konde has exhibited great managerial and leadership skills.

For the employees Nakabirwa’s fundraising drive motivates them to work harder as well as strengthening relations and a sense of belonging amongst themselves and management.  This also answers the question why NTV has dominated Uganda’s Television broadcast industry eight years after they launched in Uganda. With it’s excellent and captivating programs NTV has outcompeted TV Stations like WBS and UBC that were once the giants in Uganda. NTV news anchors and reporters have been winning back to back awards for their excellent news reporting and programs.

Returning to Nakabirwa and her cancer illness, because of her popularity she has been able to attract a lot of support from the wider public. There are Ugandans out there who are in Nakabirwa’s situation and haven’t had a chance of a fundraising. Their only hope and faith is in God.  This is an indictment on our health care system that has failed many. My prayers to Nakabirwa and all those who are in the same situation.

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