Why Entebbe Handling Services Ltd (ENHAS) needs reforms.

Why Entebbe Handling Services Ltd (ENHAS) needs reforms.

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I would like to voice my opinion on the very poor management and leadership style that has characterized Enhas CEO Tytens Georges.

Every month one hears very sad and painful stories of how Enhas Staff are terminated, some sent to jail, sometimes others aren’t paid their terminal benefits. There are those who are tossed up and down in cases where Enhas fails to prove that the staff where involved in a malpractice, they lose their Jobs and because they cannot afford to sue Enhas, they give up.

For the last 18 years Entebbe Handling Services has been in operation Tytens has been at the helm of the company. I believe he has initiated some positive contributions such as expanding Enhas from Entebbe Airport to D.R. Congo,  and making Enhas a training centre in East and Central Africa for all aviation related courses.

My major concern is the high turn-over rate that Enhas continues to face with Tytens as CEO. As an analyst I ask myself questions why Enhas staff don’t feel proud associating themselves with the company they work for, answers will vary. But the underlying point is that Tytens is managing a very demoralized and demotivated work force which he himself and his line managers have failed to get a solution.

If there is an organization in Uganda that has a very high turnover rate it is Enhas and many people will agree with me on this. The level of job security in Enhas is virtually not there. If one carried out a research and asked Enhas staff whether they had the company at heart, Tytens would be shocked to see the poor results.

Many Enhas staff have intimated to me that Tytens brags a lot about how he is known to be a good employer country wide, how he feeds and dresses his staff smartly with the company uniform and how he has worked for the last 43 years. Is it because Enhas is a private monopoly in Uganda without a serious competitor that makes Tytens think that Enhas can’t survive without him?

Let me give you a small story about WBS TV owned by Wavamuno it lost market because according to a friend who worked for the TV Station as a news anchor told me that Wavah’s poor management and leadership style forced many employees there to resign including him, many were recruited by NTV the most notables ones are Maurice Mugisha, Simon Kasyate now works as Corporate Affairs Manager Eskom. NTV and Bukedde TV out-competed WBS TV. Even National Medical Stores had similar problems, high staff turn-over rate but from the research I have done the board and management sat and found solutions to the problems, National Medical staff were given a huge salary increment to motivate them to work after they discovered that part of the low morale was that they were earning meager wages.

My friend who had worked with WBS TV also told me that Wavah had sacked and recruited five human resource Managers in Just Five years. This typical of Enhas many newly recruited staff who find their respective jobs boring end up resigning after less than two and six months for better opportunities in airlines and elsewhere.

I doubt whether Enhas Board of directors would be interested in solving the problem of low-morale amongst it’s staff.

Sometime back the Newvision and daily monitor conducted a research on which companies university students would wish to work for? Enhas didn’t feature anwhere, it is CAA, MTN, COCA COLA, URA, NILE BREWERIES that university students voted.

I would like to end with a quote to Tytens and his fellow managers People are the engine, drivers and heart of any organisation. If attention is paid to them if they are motivated, then the results will come”. The mistake most CEOs make is to focus on the results instead of the people they are working with”. Mazen Mroue former CEO MTN Uganda






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